Happenings at LCC


 9:30 am  - Coffee & Doughnuts

10:00 am - Regular Church Service

10:30 am -
& TeenZone

Current Sermon Series
A. Each Sunday at 9:49 AM, in addition to in-person services, LCC will offer an on-line streaming church service with announcements, songs by our praise team, communion, and a sermon message. Please follow our LCC Facebook page to receive a notification when the stream starts each Sunday. If you would like an audio CD of the service, there will be copies available in the LCC sound booth after the service.

B. Each Monday at 9:30 AM, Ladies Bible Study will be conducted in the LCC Adult Classroom by Anita McVey. All LCC Ladies are welcome!

Each Wednesday at 6:00 PM, Pastor Chip Ward will conduct Adult Bible Study in the adult classroom or the LCC Fellowship Hall. If you would like to attend via Zoom, please contact Pastor Chip before Wednesday night.

D. There are three ways that you may continue supporting LCC with your tithes and offerings.
* Drop by the LCC office and place your tithes and offerings in a box that has been placed in the north foyer.
     * Mail your tithes and offerings to: 1199 N. Broad St., Lexington, TN  38351.
     * Set up an automatic payment with your bank, either by visiting the bank or by going to your on-line banking app and setting up a weekly payment.

*Special Note: For all Zoom video conferences, you may use your computer, tablet, laptop, even your smart phone to attend. All you need is a camera and microphone. LCC will make a link available on Facebook or through messenger. When you click on the link, the program will automatically install the Zoom client and connect you to the meeting in a couple of minutes. Please contact Pastor Chip Ward at 731-968-9684 if you need any assistance or would like to test.

12 Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount

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